Face Fit Testing

Do you or do any of your employees wear Dust Masks, Half Masks, Disposable Masks, Full Breathing Apparatus? Then you may not be aware that all wearers should be tested to make sure the masks you provide fit adequately. The COSSH Approved Code of Practice says that "Employers should ensure that the selected face piece is of the right size and can correctly fit each wearer. For a tight-fitting face piece, the initial selection should include Face Fit Testing to ensure the wearer has the correct device. Also employers must ensure whoever carries out the Fit Testing is competent to do so."


Onsite Testing Services Ltd is Fit2Fit accredited to carry out Face Fit Testing on dust masks, disposable masks, half and full face masks using the Quantitative Method. For further details of the differences please scroll down. We can carry out this service at your company’s premises in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, offshore, or it can be a hotel where your staff our staying before going offshore next to the Heliport or Airport. This we believe will save your company time and travelling costs. If needed we can supply the masks required for testing and certification can be produced at the end of each test.

Quantitative testing is used to Face Fit Test all types of tight fitting masks including disposable, half and full face masks. Quantitative testing gives an objective assessment of facial fit and provides a direct numerical result called a fit factor. The most common method for RPE fit testing is the particle counting device method. For this we use the TSI Portacount Plus which measures the number of ambient particles inside and outside the wearers mask over a given test period. See HSE 282/28 Protocols for more details on the test exercises and pass levels.


Qualitative testing relies on the candidate’s subjective assessment of face seal leakage during the face fit test. These methods require the candidate to use their sense of smell or taste during a set of test exercises. Tests can only be employed for fit testing filtering face pieces (disposable masks) and half masks. This test is not suitable for full face masks.


For further details or to book please contact one of our team on info@onsitetestingservices.co.uk or by calling 07876089375

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